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The Community Seed Network (CSN) is a place to celebrate seeds and community. By providing resources and a platform for networking and information sharing, the CSN is here to support you as you develop your knowledge, skills, and community connections to save and share open-pollinated seeds! If you are a seed saver or Seed Keeper, or part of a community seed initiative like a seed library, community seed bank, or seed swap, this network is for you.

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CSN is a joint initiative of Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) and USC Canada. These two organizations have come together to create an online platform to support, empower, and connect the growing community seed movement across the United States and Canada. When it goes live, this website will include an interactive map featuring profiles of community seed initiatives and individuals across Canada and the United States, a selection of educational materials, and access to SSE's online seed exchange.

CSN was created in response to a survey of hundreds of community seed projects across the United States and Canada in the spring of 2017.