Mission & Principles

Terms of Agreement

As a member of the Community Seed Network, I agree to use the Community Seed Network website, resources, and contact information solely for non-commercial purposes in accordance with the mission and principles of the Community Seed Network.


Community Seed Network’s mission is to connect and support community seed initiatives across the United States and Canada by providing educational resources, organizational best practices, and opportunities for information sharing and networking among its members.


The Community Seed Network supports the following principles:

  • Conservation. Community seed initiatives are crucial for biodiversity conservation and a strong complement to formal conservation efforts, such as government seed banks.
  • Seed Democracy. Preserving public access to seed is a cornerstone of food sovereignty, keeping seed in the public domain as a resource for everyone.
  • Diversity. Genetic diversity supports food sovereignty and resilience to climate change. Those working in the community seed movement play an important role in supporting the continuous process of growing out, adapting, and spreading biodiversity.
  • Connection. The Community Seed Network supports a flourishing community seed movement, and strives to make this work more visible and connected.
  • Knowledge. Sharing information, experiences, and best practices is essential in developing the skills that both individuals and community seed initiatives need to be successful.